Mira in Class CLASSES: Welcome, Glass Fanatics! Have you been waiting to get your hands on some molten glass for the first time, or has it possibly just been too long? Is it time to bring your imagination to life in glass? Would you like to learn how to persuade a glass betta to swim or a beautiful glass seagull to fly out of molten sand? Ever wanted to make your very own favorite sized glass tumbler so you can quench your thirst? If any such ideas come to mind, we may have something for you here in Venice at Moonlight Glass. Our indoor HOTSHOP is one block from Gold's Gym, three blocks from the warm sand and Boardwalk, and just a hop from Abbot Kinney Blvd.
Times: 7 days per week
morning, afternoon and evening classes
No PM class Mondays, Saturdays
Class Size - 2
Private Classes Available
Cost: 1 class - $165 per student
2 classes or more -- $155/class per student
(all classes are 3 hours long)

Use of necessary tools, equipment and glass is included in class fee. Glass color of choice is included for first several classes. However, if student continues with more classes and wishes to use color regularly, it is sold here at Moonlight at cost. All clear glass gathered from the furnace for student artwork is included. Light sunglasses are recommended for first classes, but professional glasses can be purchased at cost if desired.
Mira in Class

Mira's First Class  John has been blowing glass full time for 25 years and has learned a few tricks of the trade. He's eager to pass them on to whoever is interested. Like many trades, there is always something new to learn and figure out. That's kept John gathering glass for a quarter century.
So... as they say, there are the people who always "wanted" to do things, and there are the ones who actually "did." If you like how that word looks next to your name, classes are small, and may fill up... so sign up SOON!

All pictures of my youngest student, 9 year old Mira, were taken by her mom, Amy Pitsker.

Moonlight Glass Hot Shop # - (310) 399-0999

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